Our offices are closed until early May 2024. Contact Lori at 952-941-6800 for assistance.
Our offices are closed until early May 2024.Contact Lori at 952-941-6800 for assistance.

Tough decisions on where to spend your money...

Patients and their families will have tough decisions on where to spend down their savings to qualify for Medical Assistance. Our staff will work with you to assist you in making informed decisions on what equipment would help make life easier. Medical equipment is a "great investment" for those in this financial situation.

Good..Better..or Best. The decision is yours!

Lori will work with your health professional and the financial contact to make sure everyone is on the "same page" on the equipment provided.  In spend down the patient can decide on "their choice of equipment" that will satisfy not only their current condition...but invest in equipment that will be better suited for them as their condition may change. The chioce is yours!

Contact Lori Hulsebus  -by phone at 952-941-6800 or by e-mail at: LoriH@LTCWheelchairs.com 

Lori has over 20 years experience in the fitting of patients...

plus as an OTR/L she has the medical background to help make decisions with your health professional that will work within the budget. You can decide if you want the good....the better...or the best. Call Lori today!

In mid-December of 2018 we lost Lori's mom unexpectedly - Diane Marie Hippert..


She was a fun filled person with a generous heart.


She was loved by many....and we continue to miss her.

No More Crutches!

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