Our office is CLOSED until May 1, 2023 Contact us at 952-941-6800
Our office is CLOSED until May 1, 2023Contact us at 952-941-6800

I need a mobility device...Where do I begin?

You have come to the right place!  We handle devices from 2-wheeled walkers to manual wheelchairs to power chairs to tilt in space chairs. We fit each and every patient to make sure the device is appropriate for their needs.


Why don't I see or hear ads on the television, newspaper or radio on LTC?

We pride ourselves on developing our business through word-of-mouth - from the patients and families we work with - to the health professionals such as therapists, nurses, care givers ....when you do business the right way (by taking care of the customer) the rest takes care of itself. Click here to go to the testimonials page.


Can I trust that you are an honest company to work with?

LTC Wheelchairs is a BBB member and are very proud to display the BBB logo at our business and this website. As an A+ rated business we work hard to make sure you are taken care of with your medical needs. Click here to go to our BBB page.


Will you come to my home & work with the health professional?

Yes. Appointments can be made in your home with your health professional and any family members or care givers that can help with the process.  


Will you come to the TCU at the nursing facility and get me the equipment I need to go home?

Yes. We are the requested provider to most of the skilled nursing facilities in the Twin Cities metro area.  Once your discharge has been determined we will work with you and/or the therapist or social worker to help you get home with the equipment you need.


What is the time frame when I will receive the medical equipment?

With over $75,000 of mobility inventory in-stock in our 7,000 square foot showroom and Office....we are ready to immediate service your needs.  Medical needs don't wait...why should you. Click here to begin the referral.


Do you repair the equipment that is dispensed?

Our LTC staff repairs and services EVERYTHING that we sell or rent to the patients that we servce. If we can't repair it....we don't stock it! 


Who answers the phone at LTC and will I get my questions answered?

Actual LTC staff answer the phone - no automated answering service with a menu! We do business the "old fashioned way" while providing you with great customer service. 


To answer any additional questions please contact us by phone or click here for our contact us page.

In mid-December of 2018 we lost Lori's mom unexpectedly - Diane Marie Hippert..


She was a fun filled person with a generous heart.


She was loved by many....and we continue to miss her.

No More Crutches!

Click here to go to our E-Reservations Page to reserve your Crutch Substitute today!

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